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The mission of the Center for Cancer Biology (CCB), former Vesalius Research Center (VRC, VIB3) is to unravel the molecular basis of neurovascular biological processes and diseases using genetic and functional genomic approaches and, if possible, try to use these genetic insights to develop novel therapeutic or diagnostic strategies, and translate them into novel medicine. The unique central research focus on neuro-vascular biology, and the link between neuroscience and vascular biology provides a rich source for cross-fertilizing ideas and new creative concepts. Research at the VRC intends to address medically relevant questions and study important biological processes via interdisciplinary approaches, state-of-the-art technologies and preclinical research. By unraveling the genetic basis, in a bench-to-bedside and back again approach, we hope to deconvolute complex biological diseases into definable targets, that can be used for development of novel therapeutic concepts.


The CCB is committed to provide professional training to pre- and post-doctoral students in order to prepare them optimally for a future research career in academia or industry. This training involves lab seminars, departmental seminars, grant writing, reviewing, supervision of junior scientists or technicians, research planning and lab micromanagement, and other initiatives.


The CCB intends to valorize its basic research findings by filing patent applications, and developing novel therapeutic strategies or drugs though interactive strategic alliances with biotech industry (see Valorization).


Karen Vousden, Paolo Sassone-Corsi, Christian Frezza, Nika Danial
12/09/2017 - 09:00