The ambition of the VIB Center for Cancer Biology (CCB) is to contribute to a better understanding of the biology that underlies cancer initiation, progression and metastatic dissemination with the ultimate goal to develop more effective and specific anti-cancer (combination) therapies.

The VIB-KULeuven Center for Cancer Biology (CCB) is located on the Campus Gasthuisberg of the University of Leuven. Near to 200 scientists and support staff of more than 25 countries are working today in 12 independent research groups and units. Our scientific interest is in various hallmarks of tumors and their microenvironment, including angiogenesis, inflammation, metabolism, genetic and epigenetic regulating circuits. We foster an interdisciplinary environment and close cooperation with the Comprehensive Cancer Center LKI and the Hospital, both located on the same campus, to promote translational research.

Campus Gasthuisberg Leuven

1 campus hosting VIB, University, Clinic & Comprehensive Cancer Center