Our seminars

Cancer Biology Lecture Series:

In this Lecture Series (organized on a bi-weekly-basis), prominent speakers in the field of cancer (epi)genetics, metabolism, angiogenesis, etc. are invited to review their state-of-the-art knowledge, vision and experience within their research field(s).

Progress seminar series:

These seminars are presented by CCB PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. The purpose is to offer young researchers the opportunity to present their work in a relatively formal setting, in front of the whole CCB community.

Co-organizing VIB Conferences & other international meetings

To increase the visibility of our center and establish strong links with top cancer biologists and editors, CCB is a regular co-organizer of the VIB Conference. Several CCB PIs are involved in organizing international conferences like Keystone Symposia & Gordon Research Conferences, CCB Metabolism Mini-Symposium, etc.