Selected Publications

Mechanisms of Cell Transformation


Radiosensitization approaches for HPV-positive and HPV-negative head and neck squamous carcinomas - Dok R, Bamps M, Glorieux M, Zhao P, Sablina A, Nuyts S - 2019 - Int J Cancer - Pubmed


Mutations in LZTR1 drive human disease by dysregulating RAS ubiquitination - Steklov M, Pandolfi S, Baietti MF, Batiuk A, Carai P, Najm P, Zhang M, Jang H, Renzi F, Cai Y, Abbasi Asbagh L, Pastor T, De Troyer M, Simicek M, Radaelli E, Brems H, Legius E, Tavernier J, Gevaert K, Impens F, Messiaen L, Nussinov R, Heymans S, Eyckerman S, Sablina A - 2018 - Science - Pubmed


Loss of Chromosome 8p Governs Tumor Progression and Drug Response by Altering Lipid Metabolism - Cai Y, Crowther J, Pastor T, Abbasi Asbagh L, Baietti MF, De Troyer M, Vazquez I, Talebi A, Renzi F, Dehairs J, Swinnen JV, Sablina A - 2016 - Cancer Cell - Pubmed

OTUB1 triggers lung cancer development by inhibiting RAS monoubiquitination - Baietti MF, Simicek M, Abbasi Asbagh L, Radaelli E, Lievens S, Crowther J, Steklov M, Aushev VN, García DM, Tavernier J, Sablina A - 2016 - EMBO Molecular Medicine - Pubmed


p16INK4a Impairs Homologous Recombination-Mediated DNA Repair in Human Papillomavirus-Positive Head and Neck Tumors - Dok R, Kalev P, Van Limbergen EJ, Asbagh LA, Vázquez I, Hauben E, Sablina A, Nuyts S - 2014 - Cancer Research - Pubmed


The deubiquitinase USP33 discriminates between RalB functions in autophagy and innate immune response - Simicek M, Lievens S, Laga M, Guzenko D, Aushev VN, Kalev P, Baietti MF, Strelkov SV, Gevaert K, Tavernier J, Sablina A - 2013 - Nature Cell Biology - Pubmed