We have an open position for a group leader in Computational Cancer Biology

We are currently seeking a highly motivated group leader with expertise and outstanding track record in computational cancer biology, systems biology and/or mathematical modeling of tumor initiation, development and/or therapy resistance. We are particularly interested in individuals with a focus on developing new mathematical or statistical models or approaches to analyze or integrate various single-cell profiling modalities, including droplet-based and spatial omics data types (i.e., transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, etc). Ideally, the candidate will apply his methods to reductionist (i.e. 3D tumoroid models) or in vivo models (i.e. mouse genetics, in vivo lineage tracing, PDXs,…), or even directly test or validate them on tumor specimen from cancer patients.

For more information and application see: https://jobs.vib.be/j/35328/group-leader-in-computational-cancer-biology


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