Wellbeing at work

The Welfare Act is the basic law covering the welfare of employees on the work-floor. The law obliges every employer to have a welfare policy for the prevention of psychosocial risks at work. Psychosocial risks at work include professional risks that can damage the mental and physical health of employees, and also that can impact on safety on the work-floor, as well as the proper functioning of everybody. This can include stress, burn-out, violence, bullying and undesirable sexual conduct at work.

VIB endeavours to promote an environment of well-being. This working environment can be achieved if we deal with each other respectfully and politely. We expect everybody to strive for this endeavour and cut out any unacceptable behaviour.

The VIB Taskforce for Wellbeing at work has been launched at VIB in 2016 and is led by by Marleen Mertens, external prevention advisor psychosocial issues at IDEWE, and Veerle Quivreux, senior HR officer and confidential advisor at VIB. The task force includes also representatives from each VIB research center.


CCB Wellbeing delegate

Sarah Vlayen  Sarah Vlayen