Bio Informatics

Managing PI: Diether Lambrechts

To make sense of the ever-increasing amount of data resulting from the transition of biology into a high-throughput science, scientists need a specific set of skills and computing infrastructure that are not always readily available. The new Bioinformatics Expertise Center connected to the VIB-KULEUVEN Center of Cancer Biology is set up to provide these resources to the CCB scientists and others when needed.

The Center offers support in experimental design, analysis and high-quality visualization to help transform your data into biological insight. We have implemented best-practice workflows to perform standard pre-processing (mapping, trimming, quantification, ...) and extensive quality control of data from a range of sequencing-based technologies such as RNAseq, CHIPseq and singleBioinformatics cell RNAseq. The output of these standard pipelines is most often only the starting point of the identification of any meaningful biological information. Therefore, if needed, we can offer a comprehensive data analysis with the aim of extracting these data using techniques such as differential expression analysis, clustering, gene set enrichment, efficient visualization, integration with public databases, statistical analyses, motif prediction and others. We can also offer support writing the methods section and preparation of any resulting publication and grant. Additionally, we gladly provide assistance with the analysis of external or already generated datasets, statistical analysis, limited technical assistance or other bioinformatics questions. Although sequencing bioinformatics forms the lionís share of the computational work, other needs can also be addressed (high-throughput screens, microscopy, ...). To perform these analyses, we have access to several high-performance computing solutions and generous amounts of data storage space.

The Center utilizes an hourly or project-based charge model depending on the requested service. An introductory meeting is always free of charge and is required before the initiation of any project.

Steering Committee

  •  Diether Lambrechts
  •  Max Mazzone
  •  Bart Ghesquière