Single Cell Platform

Managing PI: Diether Lambrechts

Cell populations are seldom homogeneous and synchronized in their characteristics. Single cell RNA sequencing enables the dissection of this transcriptomic heterogeneity that is masked in population-averaged measurements.  It thus provides a powerful tool to explore the gamut of cell types in complex biological tissues and the transcriptional states of hundreds to millions of individual cells.  Studying the transcriptome allows one to measure unique cellular processes as well as the effect of local environments or stimuli on transcript expression.

The Single Cell Core Facility of the VIB-KU Leuven Center for Cancer Biology uses the latest microfluidic technology on the market, the 10X Genomics GemCode Technology, which enables high throughput single cell RNA-sequencing.  This technology utilizes an innovative droplet-based reagent delivery system for partitioning cells, and the preparation of sequencing libraries are performed in parallel.    


  •  Each microfluidic chip processes up to 8 samples in parallel
  •  Per chip, up to 80,000 cells can be analysed
  •  Poly-T beads are used to enrich the polyadenylated fraction of mRNA.
  •  Unique molecular barcoding to correct amplification bias
  •  Up to 65% cell capture efficiency
  •  Low doublet rate

The CCB Single Cell platform is working in collaboration with the Genomics Core Leuven.


Steering Committee

  •  Diether Lambrechts
  •  Georg Halder
  •  Jan Cools
  •  Bieke Tembuyser