Selected Publications

Growth Control and Cancer Research


The Hippo pathway effector YAP controls mouse hepatic stellate cell activation. - Mannaerts I, Leite SBatista, Verhulst S, Claerhout S, Eysackers N, Thoen LFR, Hoorens A, Reynaert H, Halder G, van Grunsven LA. - 2015 - J Hepatol - PubMed

Differential regulation of the Hippo pathway by adherens junctions and apical-basal cell polarity modules. - Yang C-C, Graves HK, Moya IM, Tao C, Hamaratoglu F, Gladden AB, Halder G. - 2015 - Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A - PubMed


Discovering the Hippo pathway protein-protein interactome. - Moya IM, Halder G. - 2014 - Cell Res - PubMed


Tumor suppression by cell competition through regulation of the Hippo pathway. - Chen C-L, Schroeder MC, Kango-Singh M, Tao C, Halder G. - 2012 - Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A - PubMed


Modulating F-actin organization induces organ growth by affecting the Hippo pathway. - Sansores-Garcia L, Bossuyt W, Wada K-I, Yonemura S, Tao C, Sasaki H, Halder G. - 2011 - EMBO J - PubMed


Boundaries of Dachsous Cadherin activity modulate the Hippo signaling pathway to induce cell proliferation. - Willecke M, Hamaratoglu F, Sansores-Garcia L, Tao C, Halder G. - 2007 - Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A - PubMed