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slaan de handen in elkaar in de strijd tegen melanoma huidkanker.


Important LifeTime consortium perspective article in Nature, co-authored by Chris Marine

LifeTime and improving European Healthcare through cell-based interceptive medicine

LifeTime aims to track, understand and target human cells during the onset and progression of complex diseases and their response to therapy at single-cell resolution. This mission will be implemented through the development and integration of single-cell multi-omics and imaging, artificial intelligence and patient-derived experimental disease models during progression from health to disease. Analysis of such large molecular and clinical datasets will discover molecular mechanisms, create predictive computational models of disease progression, and reveal new drug targets and therapies. Timely detection and interception of disease embedded in an ethical and patient-centered vision will be achieved through interactions across academia, hospitals, patient-associations, health data management systems and industry. Applying this strategy to key medical challenges in cancer, neurological, infectious, chronic inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases at the single-cell level will usher in cell-based interceptive medicine in Europe over the next decade.

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Chris Marine elected as an EMBO Excellence in Life Sciences Member

Congratulations to Chris Marine

Chris has been elected as an Embo - Excellence in Life Sciences member! Chris is one of the 63 leading scientists that EMBO gives the lifetime honour of membership in recognition of his remarkable achievements in life sciences.
The Marine team performs world-leading research on the analysis of pathways that underlie the genesis, progression and maintenance of cancer. Their interests focus on the mechanisms by which cancer-specific non-mutational (i.e. epigenetic and (post-)transcriptional) events modulate tumor initiation, progression and therapy outcome.

Read more on https://vib.be/news/vib-scientists-jean-christophe-marine-jan-steyaert-and-alain-goossens-elected-embo-members

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