VIB Conferences

To increase the visibility of our center and establish strong links with top cancer biologists and editors, CCB is a regular co-organizer of the VIB Conference. These conferences also provide students and researchers with the opportunity to meet the experts and to discuss their research directly with their peers and colleagues.

Also note that Several CCB PIs are involved in organizing international conferences like Keystone Symposia & Gordon Research Conferences, CCB Metabolism Mini-Symposium, etc.

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Overview of VIB Conferences co-organized by CCB

“VIB Life Time Single Cell Conference”  (19-20 November 2020)

Speakers: we are currently inviting speakers
Hosts: Chris Marine, Stein Aerts, Yvan Saeys, Ana Pombo, Amos Tanay, Martin Guilliams

“Tumor heterogeneity, Plasticity and Therapy” (14-15 May  2020)

Speakers: 17 top speakers including Erika Pierce (MPI, Germany), Salvador Aznar-Benitah (IRB, Spain), Fred de Sauvage (Genentech, US), Sarah-Maria Fendt (VIB-CCB, Belgium)
Hosts: Chris Marine, Diether Lambrechts, Cedric Blanpain, Evy Vierstraete

“Metabolism in cancer and stromal cells (2nd edition)” (26-27 November 2018):

Speakers: 18 speakers including Karen Vousden (Francis Crick Institute, UK), Susan Keach (Salk Institute, US), Matthew Vander Heiden (MIT, US), Ralph DeBerardinis (UTSouthwestern MC, US)
Hosts: Sarah-Maria Fendt, Peter Carmeliet, Massimiliano Mazzone, Jo Van Ginderachter, Bart Ghesquière and Evy Vierstraete

“Applied Bioinformatics in Life Sciences” (8-9 March, 2018)

Speakers: 18 top speakers including Stephan Beck ( UCL, UK), Markus Raiser (The Francis Crick Institute, UK), Ron Shamir (Tel Aviv University, IL), Michael MacCoss (University of Washington, US)
Hosts: Diether Lambrechts, VIB Group Leaders of other VIB Centers

“Revolutionizing Next-Generation Sequencing” (20-21 March 2017)

Speakers: More than 40 top speakers including Ana Martin-Villalba (DKFZ, DE), Marie-Laure Yaspo (Max Planck Institute, DE), Christopher Mason (Weill Cornell Medicine, US), Jens Gundlach (University of Washington, US)
Hosts: Diether Lambrechts

“CELL-VIB Symposium: Hallmarks of Cancer” (11-13 December 2016)

Speakers: More than 20 top invited speakers including Laurence Zitvogel (Institute Gustave Roussy, FR), Richard Gilbertson (Univ Cambridge, UK), Lewis Cantley (Weill Cornell, USA), Nika Daniel (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard, US), Caroline Robert (Institute Gustave Roussy, FR)
Hosts: Chris Marine, Diether Lambrechts and Cédric Blanpain

“Metabolism in cancer and stromal cells” (8-10 September 2015):

Speakers: Stefano Indraccolo (Istituto Oncologico Veneto-IRCCS, IT), M. Celeste Simon (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA), Mike Murphy (MRC-Mitochondrial Biology Unit , UK), Matt Vander Heiden (Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, MIT, USa), Stephen Hursting (UNC School of Medicine, USA), Peter Carmeliet (VIB-KU Leuven Center for Cancer Biology, BE)
Hosts: Sarah-Maria Fendt, Peter Carmeliet, Matt Vander Heiden, Ralph Deberardinis and Evy Vierstraete